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BuildState Class Reference

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struct  HexagonMapLessOp

Public Member Functions

virtual void deinit ()
UINT32 getPathogenCount ()
UINT32 getScore ()
UINT32 getUpdateFPS ()
virtual BOOL init ()
virtual void onActivate (UINT32)
virtual void onDeactivate ()
virtual void onKeyDown (const SDLKey &key)
virtual void onKeyUp (const SDLKey &key)
virtual void onMouseDown (const SDL_MouseButtonEvent &event)
virtual void onMouseMotion (const SDL_MouseMotionEvent &event)
virtual void onMouseUp (const SDL_MouseButtonEvent &event)
virtual void render (SDL_Surface *screen)
virtual BOOL update (UINT32 time, App::KeyEventList &keyEvents)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< ColorColorList
typedef std::map< Position,
MapNode *, HexagonMapLessOp
typedef std::list< TextRowTextList

Protected Member Functions

INT buildNodes (BallNode *node, BallNode *parent, INT level, INT depth)
void clearNode (BallNode *node)
void clearProblem ()
void createProblem ()
void mutateNodes (BallNode *node)
void mutateProblem ()
void render2D ()
void renderHexagonMap ()
void renderModel ()
void renderNode (BallNode *node, INT level)
INT verifyNode (BallNode *node)
BOOL verifyProblem ()

Protected Attributes

IMAGE mBallImage
IMAGE mBlockImage
IMAGE mCircleImage
ColorList mColors
BOOL mDragging
Position mDragStartNode
BOOL mGameOver
UINT32 mGameOverTime
IMAGE mHexImage
BOOL mHighlight
BOOL mHighLightMapCircle
Position mHighlightNode
TextList mInfoText
IMAGE mLinkImages [3]
HexagonMap mMap
IMAGE mMapImage
Position mMapImagePosition
SDL_Surface * mMapMask
Position mMouseDownNode
INT mMouseX
INT mMouseY
BOOL mMutationTriggerMutated
BOOL mMutationTriggerNewProblem
UINT32 mMutationTriggerTime
FLOAT mNormalizedProblemTime
UINT32 mPathogenCount
BallNode mProblemRoot
UINT32 mProblemStartTime
UINT32 mProblemTime
UINT32 mScore
FLOAT mScrollX
FLOAT mScrollXDest
FLOAT mScrollY
FLOAT mScrollYDest
IMAGE mShineImage
IMAGE mSquareImage
UINT32 mTime

Detailed Description

Definition at line 108 of file BuildState.h.

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